Monday, October 21, 2013

9 years

Today is a strange marks 9 years......

9 years since you left us.....

Today your brother is exactly the same age that you were.....

well minus 1 week.

You have been in our conversations a lot this last couple of weeks....

Mainly because your brother has been very curious and sentimental about you...asking lots of questions....

He wonders again when you old you were.....

wonders why his cousins don't have an understanding of who you are...

wonders where he was when you were here.....

Is putting the pieces together that you nearly had the same birthday but that he decided to arrive exactly one week late....

He arrived just 4 months too late to meet you...

He is figuring all this out and with all the questions too...questions that get more complicated each year....he is a thinker.....he thinks about our family a lot...he thinks about you a lot.

Tells me that he misses you and that he is sad too.....

he knows we get sad but I reassure him that we want him to ask the questions...we want to keep talking about you

Meg has remembered today is your angel day.....she understands much clearer and is very sensitive to making us sad....

So 9 years have gone...your brother is 8 1/2 years some ways you seemed older and yet strangely so little...being our first....  he our last....

We have a lot of bottles filled with our tears stored somewhere...9 years of tears is a lot of tears.....

Life has continued on for us....harder oh so much harder ,but still moving onwards.....
 we will continue to talk about you...share who you are with your brother and your sister and their cousins.....

Continue to long for the day we will share you with them......all hug.


  1. said with so much eloquence. thinking of you today xxx

  2. You're an beautiful woman Bron with an amazing family and all very fortunate to have each other especially in these times of pain.
    Love & thoughts today. x

  3. Thinking of you all - big hugs xx

  4. Oh Bron. Well said. It is such a leaving and a bewilderment of trying to get that they have left, because it just doesn't make sense ever. That is lovely that your boy has a sense of her place and missing.
    You are doing a great job moving and holding at the same time.xx

  5. ((((Hugs from us today))))
    Love you Bron

  6. What a truly beautiful post, so beautifully and lovingly expressed. xxx

  7. Thinking of you, thinking of your beautiful eldest daughter, thinking of your other children, your partner... thinking of you all on this day.

    All my love to you all.

  8. Hey Bron, sending love and hugs to you......XXX

  9. Oh Bron, that's a gorgeous photo of Taylor, she looks beautiful. Am sitting over here watching the moon rise tonight and thinking of you all. Sending prayers and much love, hope you're all okay, Kell xx

  10. Very Touching... I felt the sentiment through your words! Hugs to all xxx

  11. Hugs to you and your family. xx

  12. That is such a lovely photo of Taylor, so beautiful.
    Hugs to you and the family

  13. What a beautiful photo of your little one, so loved, so missed, always remembered. Hugs to all of you. xxxxoooo

  14. beautiful picture, & beautiful thoughts written.
    Hugs to you all.

  15. Oh Bron, I'm reading this beautiful post rather late so I'm sorry for the belated comment. He misses her, well that brought tears to my eyes. Gosh, you're doing an amazing job to honor her memory and your family. Sending hugs. Belinda xx


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