Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend snippets

This weekend.....

* It's a pretty good start to the weekend when the teenager is up first and suggests she makes pancakes for everyone.....

* The legs have been unveiled after the winter.....a new skirt refashioned from the teens castoffs...

* The mulberry tree is in full flight for spring ..only a couple of weeks ago there were just twigs....

* Even the weeds are doing well....

* The tomatoes are loving the rain , bitter cold and then the sunshine all in one weekend....

* The "girls" are loving life too...3 eggs a day...small but 3 none the less....

* Finished the weekend feeding the mobs with pizza at a church celebration.....

Less than ten weekends to go till we are done with 2013.....hold on it's going to be a fast ride.

Have a great week.

Joining in with EM.


  1. I love it when the kids take on the making of breakie. Mr T yesterday organised bacon and egg sandwiches and tea and juice! I wish they were as keen with the cleaning up though :(

  2. Looks like a lovely bright weekend x

  3. Oh the mulberry tree looks amazing!
    Cute new skirt too

  4. Hope this doesn't sound too creepy, but I think you have lovely legs!

  5. what a BEAUTIFUL collection, thanks so much for linking up, it's lovely to have you!

    I adore that pancake stack- i'd like to devour it!

    xo em


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