Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Snippets


This weekend was filled with....

* Celebrating the arrival of the first eggs...just one teeny tiny one a day but at least they are beginning to arrive. 

* Discovering  an  unconventional way to use our smallish space to store some precious goods....If we were in an apartment they would be hung on a wall I am sure.

* There has been a marathon session of watching "The Little House on The Prairie" ...lasting three days and we haven't seen them all...we are now on the hunt to find the seasons we don't have. Why can something so simple take you back to being a little person and still have the power to make me cry like I was seven years actually I cry more now as a mother watching it.

* Putting the eggs to good use in some muffin making.

* Sponge fish to make a kids church lesson a little more fun.

* How much fun can you have with a cardboard box?

* A cousin afternoon creating with that cardboard box....I shan't tell you that at 8 years old the choice was making swords!!!

* While spying on three 8 year olds creating.... I discovered the makings of Spring in our garden.....

* While the boys were and daughter were inside making pasta.

* I had been sucked into another episode of "LHOTP" and I enjoyed listening to the banter between the pasta makers learning new skills.

* After church tonight we had fresh spinach,ricotta and bacon tortellini waiting to be served with the most delish creamy sauce....those pasta makers sure did themselves proud.....

Now who to invite over to share in the coming days so we have an excuse to make some more??

Another weekend slipped through our fingers....the last of these our school holidays....oh well I am sure the next lot of holidays are just around the corner.

Have a great week.

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  1. Oh my goodness.... What a great weekend! I love Little House on the Prairie... I have read them since the third grade!

    Eggs! Yay! I am so happy for you... still contemplating getting laying hens here though lol xx

  2. Love LIttle House on the Prairie - one of my most favourite scenes is in Episode 6-Back to School [the mud fight].

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane and a glimpse into your week/end - gone too fast but fun while they lasted. x

  3. your place looks so bright and sunny!
    I have been contemplating trying out making my own pasta too lately, how hard is it?

  4. Oh invite me! I have a pasta maker sitting here unused with the best of intentions and no mojo. Now am feeling inspired! Yours looks so yum, how clever are your family! Hope you're having a lovely week Bron, take care xx

  5. Little house is a classic! I have a bunch! & cry yes!


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