Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Snippets


* The week turned into the weekend , with a work conference over Friday /Saturday.......
It has been an amazing couple of days....took the opportunity of picnicking at lunch time under the trees in the park with my colleagues.

*We had birthday celebrations in our extended family.....

* Watching cousins play on what could easily have been a Summer evening...

* The amazing luxury of being at the seaside when the sun began to disappear...

* ...and then it finally did.

* A quiet lunch at home sans kids...thanks to fantastic youth leaders and Aunties....a steak was on the menu...cooked to perfection by my man.

* Silly selfies ahead of a changing smile for the teen as of off to the bank to see about the loan for the dental work!!!!

* No photo but I did have a luxurious nanna nap this has been quite an emotional week for me.....I guess it all caught up today.

Hope your weekend was as lovely as ours....maybe you had a nap somewhere too...met with family or even worked part of the weekend....

Here's to a lovely last week of OCTOBER!!!!

Joining in with Em.


  1. Looking very summery here, lovely to be at the beach for the sunset- pretty photo!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Love the pictures so pretty! I love the beach, I grew up on the Pacific Ocean beach and miss it a lot. It's great that you live so close to one. Have a great week xx

  3. Lovely photos - I love being on the beach at sunset too!

  4. Beautiful photos Bron, good luck to Meg, hope it all goes well xx


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