Tuesday, October 1, 2013


# discovering that the kids don't like "chiccos"

# being woken by the aroma of fresh bread

# the daisies filling the garden with easy colour

# walking the little guy to school

# making plans for the weekend

# beds made with fresh sheets

# peanut butter on fresh home baked bread

# a helpful elderly man at the supermarket

# mounted police strolling  through the neighbourhood

# a long weekend sneaky sleep in

# the thrill of a dance competition

# selling a little junk to lovely strangers

# tender moments between siblings

# a worried little guy that mum might be lonely without him around for the day

# dinosaur tails caught in the car door

# the sun shining for a big say at the show with the grandparents

# the wisdom of the older child as opposed to the impetuousness of the younger

# snaps sent to me at work, sharing the fun being had at home

#111 a dad's encouragement in words over a job well done.

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  1. Oh bless your boy and his worries for mum, isn't that lovely. I'm with your kids, have never liked chiccos either, but fresh sheets on my bed are one of my favourite things! Hope your holidays are lovely and relaxing Bron xx

  2. Nice list! But - beds made with fresh sheets! ahhh... finally got mine washed & DRIED today... ahhh... off to bed to enjoy that freshness. I would like to live in a hotel so I can come to changed fresh beds everyday! lol

    Can't believe the kids don't like chiccos! ekkkk...


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