Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend snippets

This weekend.....


These photos remind me that ......

There was a garage sale held at my sisters...

I snaffled a lot of her books she was trying to sell

There was a One Direction concert to go to...

An Australian Rules Football grand final to watch

and rain to dodge most of the weekend too.....

What the photos don't show is

There was dance and youth groups to drive kids to

The sleepover with a cousin that resulted in a very early start on Sunday morning...

That was after the really really late night waiting for the teen to return from the concert

Did I mention the anticipation and excitement at seeing "One Direction"!!! 

The book finished being read while waiting for the teen to come home...

Three church services

A dance festival competition

The disapointment of some harsh judging

The tears because every one is so tired....... and we are just beginning the school holidays

The excitement at heading to the Royal Agriculture Show tomorrow

The relief from the parents, that the grandparents are taking the kids to the show......

We have a public holiday tomorrow and it is school holidays.....hopefully the rain eases up and the kids have a great time at the show......we on the other hand are going to enjoy the quietness of home 

Joining in with Em


  1. I'm welling up just reading that list! Phew! What a week you have had. Not to mention the deep sadness after the footy GF...Our family room was very much part the purple haze, but alas!

  2. sounds busy but fun! enjoy the holidays x

  3. One Direction! ! ! ! They are such a great group!

    Oh you must show some pictures from the agricultural show! I would love to see some really pretty things, although I have to say that your garden is very pretty! xx


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