Friday, September 6, 2013

Things I am loving

This week.......  The spring growth that is in the garden......a mixed week of weather but definitely heading towards that Spring feeling.......


Even the "girls" know that something is in the air...hopefully we will have some eggs real soon.....hear that lovelies??

So loving that it is Friday and a day at home.....except I have a sick one home with me....but the sun is shining so brightly that I can get through all that washing that comes from having someone sick..... 

Loving that we have the best dad in our who is willing to share his stash.....

...and willing to take one for the team and try out some new "toys" bought for the kids at kids church......

I am also loving this that I spied over at PaisleyJade's .... grab the tissues first.

I have been recording most of the week all the things I count as blessings/gifts in my world
you can see them here

Joining in with Meghan 


  1. Lovely photos. Your garden looks amazing. I cant wait to get my beans in too. Your photos are beautiful. I've joined in today for the first time. Great fun Mx

  2. Is that peas I spy growing in your garden - yummo. Ours never make it to the plate we just pick them off and eat them raw the minute they are ready. Hope your sick one is on the mend again now xx

  3. Oh your garden is so beautiful!!! Have a lovely week x

  4. I love your garden too Bron, and that Toblerone didn't stand a chance when it appeared on Father's Day here, not with my kids around! Have a great week xx Hope your little sick one is on the mend xx

  5. Oh My Goodness... I saw the letter from Fred a couple weeks ago.. I love it.

    Love the green everywhere in your yard and especially the Purple flowers. Purple was my daughters favorite color xxx


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