Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Simple Appreciation


Most of the people I work with in my job as Children's Pastor at my church are volunteers.....

Volunteers make the world go round smoothly did  you know that?

Volunteers make heavy work - light...

I have a fantastic team that make my job easier,more fun and certainly more rewarding.

This is the last week of our school term so I put together a simple little thank you for my playgroup team volunteers......
They need to know that they are valued, invaluable in the tasks they do every week as a volunteer.

....and who doesn't like a little chocolate to hide away and indulge in when no-one else is looking?


  1. Love this, what a thoughtful thing to do Bron, and you're right, it's always lovely to feel appreciated. Hope you're all well xx

  2. yes volunteers (and everyone) need to be appreciated and loved. Good for you x

  3. Volunteers are wonderful people - well done you x

  4. that is so sweet and thoughtful of you!!


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