Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

My day in Ten photos....

  Woke to realise my husband had already been off swimming for an hour or more...his rings on the bench the clue to what day it was.....

 A work day so the potatoes were peeled and the meat all thrown in the slow cooker to do it's thing.....

 The welcome sign up and checking the dark clouds heading our way....

 Morning tea time at playgroup...the threatening dark clouds forced us inside....eeeek 72 bodies all eager to eat!

 The singing done, as was the craft and playtime...painting left to dry it was home time for all those energetic little people and their coffee ready mums...

 All locked up and ready to head back to the office to do the admin...caught in the rain with my fabulous sister who is a trooper of a team member...good excuse to stand and catch up without all the busyness around us...

 Lunch with the rest of the staff...awaiting me a cuppa soup, yoghurt, banana and a slice of yesterdays baked banana bread..

 Knock off time...homeward bound to put on my mummy hat.

Rain or no rain school uniforms and Lycra bike wear need to be washed and ready for another day tomorrow...

 Dinner eaten, stories around the meal shared......all that is left to do is the dishes....Where did everyone go!!!

Just and ordinary Tuesday caught in photos for me to record the ordinariness of life at this time. 

That was fun.....check out others day over at  " a bit of sunshine"
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  1. Wow, you're involved in an enormous playgroup! 72 bodies. Looks like fun- & you've got to love a slow cooker.
    Have a great week.

  2. Great photos, looks like you had a busy day. Funny how they all disappear when it's time to do the dishes!!

  3. Love that. Connected across the globe. In pictures. Our lives!

  4. Hahaha... Loved it. Thanks for taking us on a day with you!

    Lunch looked real good...

    By the way how was the crock pot dinner???


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