Saturday, July 23, 2011

Braiding fun

I don't know about you but I always have a bag full of something that needs to be dropped off at the op shop.....
In my travels around the net I am always on the look out for great upcycling ideas.
I found a great tutorial here....

Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands

This sounded like my kind of thing to try and seeing as I always have that bag of goodies to donate and a daughter that has a beautiful head of hair that always needs was perfect.

These two were made using the 2 inch strips...

She was not sure that she was in need of a green one but I was on a to cut up a purple one for her...this time I will try the narrower strips to braid.


  1. These are awesome! Another for the must try list!

  2. I love ideas for re-using shirts. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

  3. Isn't the online inspiration endless? I made Kaizer a pair of tights from an old tee and am pretty stoked with how they turned out.
    I think my girl would love some of these braided bands.


  4. Hi..great hairbands, she's pretty in pink! I have just loaded up the boot of the car with four bags worth of stuff for the op shop!

  5. They look brilliant!
    I so need one of them right now. My hair is nor coping with this caravan trip. Might need to follow your lead I think.


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