Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baking payment

Even though it is school holidays I needed to head into the office for the day .....
so a little baking  of 
 hopefully was enough to say thanks to grandparents for letting the kids come and spend the day with them.....

I am sure they would have been happy even if I didn't send the kids armed with goodies but it makes me feel a little better ......

I am blessed to have such generous family.

This slice I made was a favourite of my mums to bake when we came in from school...
today would have been her birthday so as I baked I remembered ...


  1. It's amazing the memories that food holds for us. I bake alot of the things that my nana baked and it's like taking a trip down memory lane every time.

    This is definitely my kind of payment :)


  2. Connor and I did some baking too to celebrate mum. A rainbow cake and we all loved it !
    Merran x

  3. That was pretty much a staple in the bikkie tin at our place growing up as well! Have a lovely day.

  4. A favourite of mine also!! My mum liked to bake it for me too. Yum! Did you save me a slice for the weekend? x


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