Monday, July 11, 2011

Late night crafting

School hols have begun today is wet and cold outside - just how we like it for this time of the year.
It is so nice not to be up and out the door in a hurry every lunches to pack .
I need to work a couple of days both weeks but other than that hanging close to home is the ultimate aim.

The Tour de France has this household in it's grip.....late nights for three weeks...
I must say I have let down my end of the watching most nights this last week..{I just can't do the gym in the wee hours of the morning and be up late hmmmm}

Last year I began my granny stripe blanket to aid with the staying awake....
this year I am working on small projects to help in keep my eyes peeled to the TV.

I completed a little purple bunting for my creative space.....

and also now working on some dishcloths for the stash...
using this great tutorial found here.

Lucky for me the riders are having a rest day today so we are also able to have an early night too.


  1. Hi Bron..a few extra productive evenings you're having there..and watching the race! I like those purple projects you're doing.

  2. Aren't crochet dishcloths the best?

    Love your bunting...I have been spending my nights in front of the box crocheting little shoes, it doesn't feel like such a waste of time if I am 'doing' something while watching tv.

    Enjoy the holidays Bron...I lose all track of time now that we are homeschooling and thought they started last week :)



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