Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Creative Space

Yesterday I spent the day with a very talented lady and her little ones....
she had offered to teach me how to bind a quilt.
(she has a lovely new sewing space to hang out in)
So with a practise quilt in hand we set about the task.....

not as daunting as I had thought......

I was more than happy to learn machine binding as opposed to hand stitching for now.....

 It is far from being spot on but I now have the technique locked away to perfect it on my next project ....whatever that may be.
Check out some more  creative spaces here.


  1. Gosh I haven't even made it to that point with my quilt yet and I am already daunted by it.

    Your quilt is perfect! and Kat really is the best teacher :)


  2. I'm too scared to try sewing my binding by machine, although I imagine how quickly I'll finish a quilt. But I'll imagine if I try it I probably won't go back to hand sewing. What a great quilt.

  3. Was so lovely having you guys over to help me break in my space! And you did a great job! What's the next project to nut out together lol...


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