Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winter sunshine

Today we had the most beautiful winter sunny day.
We organised to meet cousins in the park for a run and play.
So we took along  Lemonade scones for morning tea
Recipe here

There was plenty of space to run and conduct "spy games" as boys do....

Us big girls just sat on the wall and caught up on the happenings in each others lives....something we don't do often enough in our busy schedules....

and much to my daughters amusement I worked on a little more crochet..."who does that mum?'

I informed her that I know plenty of lovely mummies that would crochet while sitting watching her children enjoy the great outdoors....

Go on back me up now!


  1. We made the most of the sun today too and headed to the foreshore for the was lovely there but still bitterly chilly.

    Just so you know I have a hook and yarn in my bag that goes where I go :)


  2. When I finally learn to crochet, I will definitely be doing this!

  3. Your crocheting looks beautiful - what are you making? I used to knit but never learned the art of crochet.

    I hesitate to look up that recipe - looks delicious beyond words - so off I go to investigate :) XOL

  4. Yummo! Must give that recipe a try.
    And I would back you up but I don't have the time, money (or space) to start another addiction... whoops I mean hobby. So I intentionally don't crotchet...
    But (Meg) I def know plenty of other cool mummies that do, so trust me that your mum in in great company! Xx

  5. I'm with Meg on the crochet thing but rest of the day sounds nice. We spent yesterday soaking up the sun at a maze'n just outside Margaret River an amazing place.

  6. i am a very definite public crotchet person, take it everywhere. yummy scone action


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