Monday, July 4, 2011

Child's Play

I am still amazed to discover what it is that switches my 6 year old son on to the point that he will spend a huge amount of time finishing most boys his age he more often than not has a very short attention span.
So on Friday when I was greeted once again at his classroom with a handful of papers to go into his bag I took little notice of what he had.
It wasn't until the next morning when we cleaned out the bag he grabbed one of the pieces and said he needed to finish it????

He then proceeded to spend a good hour or so completing this very fascinating art piece.
It was a paper towel that had a self embossed pattern on it...he had begun to use textas to go over the pattern in dots.....
The end result was very effective......

Who would have thought ?????

The other thing that I have been amused with is our box of "barbie dolls and horses " that no longer take pride of place in our family but we have decided to keep just because.
We had a very sweet  3 year old little friend and her family join us for lunch on Sunday.
We dragged out the box just in case she wanted to have  a play......

Well we had a very hard time convincing our little friend to have anything to eat...the dolls were so enthralling to her that it was quite amusing to see......

Then today I had my nearly five year old nephew spend the day with me and as the box was still out .....he spent the better part of the afternoon playing with the much loved dolls and their horses....

I am so glad the all the bits and pieces that have been gathered over the years are still proving to be of huge entertainment value...


  1. Wow that hand towel looks great... Like an aboriginal painting :)
    We have toys that we won't get rid of... For the grandies :)

  2. Your son obviously loves colour and pattern..wonderful! You have the best collection of horses there too.

  3. That picture is awesome! I was admiring it on Sunday. And yes Hannah certainly had a wonderful time playing barbies!! I really doubt I'll have any trouble convincing her to come back to play at your house. Although next time I might feed her first Haha ;) If you ever do decide to downsize your barbie stash let me know... I'll be more than happy to buy them off you :)
    Thx again for a great lunch Xx

  4. I love the paper towel art - what a simple yet GREAT idea - my daughter would love doing this, and I admit I would too :)


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