Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was tapping away last night replying to emails when something bad happened.......

A message alert popped on the screen and before I had a chance to read it....
everything began to disappear before my eyes..


We had been attacked 
by one mean  invader.
Twenty four hours later and thanks to one very talented but frustrated husband I now have everything back.....

Guess what I did first...???
Backed up all my photos...should I have done it before ...sure
but had I ? Nope, not ever !

Have you backed up lately?


  1. Nightmare..,well done Derek.

  2. No....and I wish Ihad backed up... but am just hoping/praying that everything on my external hard drive can be saved ... its full of baby (our kids) videos, old pictures, kids milestones...well everything really.... and now it's not working... Hubbys taking it into the shop sometime so we're hoping/praying...that its saved!


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