Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rainy day sewing

A wet and miserable day here what better to do than sew...right???
Well I did have some chores to complete first and some errands to run and spotlight to pop into first.
Hmmmm haven't been to spotlight in months and I have been twice in two days.....

But yesterday I discovered by accident they were having a 40% off all fabrics sale for two days.... so what was I to do but lead someone else astray with me...

I had some projects in mind which I need to get on and do . One being the 
I have been making pouches for a while now  but this was my first patchwork one....and I am pretty pleased with the results....
Just in time for a friends birthday.


  1. Good for you, looks great. We had a gorgeous day, freezing cold but deceptive beautiful clear blue skies as always, love Posie

  2. I'm starting to tire of all this rain.
    Your pouch looks great Bron..I'm yet to try that tute :)


  3. HAH so you are admitting that you led me astray ;) Lol...

    Your pouch looks incredible!! Go you!! Awesome to see everybody's different takes on it!


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