Friday, November 29, 2013

Things I am Loving

I am loving so much but the problem is it is all a little of a blur in the midst of busyness....

I've had my camera out so little during the rush of the week

I have been making lists though

Lists to keep the focus 

But I did discover this and after a couple of really successful shopping trips at the op shops in recent days it resounded with me about creating a lighter footprint, having things that carry memories and stand the test of time.....

A good watch.....


Joining in with Meghan 


Thursday Thankful List- On Friday

* Graciousness in the face of disappointment

* The accolades of strangers to boost the confidence

*Carpooling mums to ease the load

*Time spent with the teen

* A little guy who likes to organise his mumma

*A day with my love

* Smoothies in a jar

*A garden full of frogs

*Tomatoes from the garden in my salad

*An extra pair of hands to get things done

*The excitement building for Christmas parties next week

*  The beginnings of Christmas shopping

*Potentially 3 "double yolker" eggs this week

*Happy families

*A soaking rain in the last days of December oops November

*A break in the routine of driving kids around 

#182 Lists that are slowly being worked through

My other lists are here

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Teacher gift for Mrs Hawkins

In so many ways I am not at all prepared for Christmas....except.....

The little guy's teacher....... 

 We did it together....and now it is sitting waiting for the last day of school....which I am so glad is not for another three weeks........
(Apparently it is not cool to make gifts for high school teachers....I am sad for a teacher it was always a great time of the year for lovely gifts)

Maybe I will stop procrastinating and figure out what everyone else is getting.

Joining in with Show and Tell

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost art around town

While heading out for coffee with the hubby on Monday I was transported back to when I was a child.......

We pulled the car up in front of this sign...I haven't ever noticed it before......just an old sign painted on the back of a shop exterior wall.....faded showing it's age....

Until my eye was draw to the corner of the sign.....the artists signature.....

Mr Peter Groucott.......he was a friend of my dad's....they had the same passions...restoring and riding vintage motor cycles.....he was a painter....sorry.... sign writer .

We would see him around town...toot the horn as we passed him...usually working on the latest business to open in town or re doing the art work of an old establishment.....he drove a white van.....wore white overalls covered in paint.....always up a ladder, a big man with a bald head and a mustache.

Sometimes we would tag along with dad and visit him at home.....oh the would be there for what felt like hours talking motor cycles and rusty bits.....sometimes there was a motorcycle in the lounge room....and always a yard full of interesting bits and pieces....He was single ...never married....

He would have been an icon around our town....leaving his signature all over the walls.

I was reminded that it is something you don't see all that often anymore.....signs these days are mostly done in workrooms or by machines....well not all but there certainly isn't the iconic sign writer balancing on ladders meticulously hand painting signage.

Hmmmm...I did smile when I saw his trademark......and the little walk down memory lane I had with it.
We even have longer phone numbers these days.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Snippets


* Mulberries dropping before we get a chance to eat them.

* The monster plants are loving the pond and water feature.

*The cricket was the background noise on what felt like a summers day.

* What better place to listen to that cricket.

* Some gift crafting for the teacher all done and dusted.

* The excitement of an audition

* The jolly fellow spotted while wandering our capital city... waiting for the audition to be over.

* Just in case anyone was in denial that Christmas is coming.

* OHHH ok I was snapped kicking back in the hammock....way too it dinner time already!!!

Hope you had a weekend with some festivities and a little hanging around too.

Joining in with Em

Friday, November 22, 2013

Look what we made at Playgroup

Each year for the last four years we have made a piece of art to represent the families that have been with us throughout the year......
Last year we did hand prints, the year before we did a face collage.....

We have repeated that this year......

So many personalities......we got them to work on their own square....this year due to the numbers we had to make family squares .....otherwise we would run out of wall space to hang them all....... 

Here is just a snapshot of some ...they make me smile just looking at them...knowing we have had another fantastic year at playgroup.......


Still a few more to do this week then I will tie them altogether in a wall hanging....

Joining in with Show and Tell  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday List

* Watching the exact moment the sun sets.

*The changes seen in a friends family.

* Hope realized.

*The surprise you find in the chicken coup each new morning.

* Last words as the little guy gets out of the car..."You have a great day mum"

* Grandmas and great grandmas playing with play dough along side of grandchildren.

*the innocence of a younger brother.

*a few dollars at the fair  = great fun.

*the chorus of little birds in the garden when the house is so quiet.

* an abundance of lunch shared with family 

* dedication of the man of the house to make delicious food for his family.

* the local library overflowing with free resources.

* spectacular lightening on a hot humid day.

*hair cut day in a brand new salon

* a hammock for lazy summer days.

* finding enough soft foods for  a delicate mouth.

* A day spent with a friend searching out bargains.

* the holiday plans set in concrete.

* sharing the gift of ice cream with those who love it.

#165 the outpouring of a community to help those in need.

I have been counting the gifts ....things I am thankful for...

Joining in with Tash @ Little Bit of Thyme  and her thankful lists.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Snippets


* Finally a flower to be proud of after all the tender loving care it has had.

*Fresh scones to take to a special birthday morning tea. 

*The perfect spot high above the city

* Under the perfectly blue sky

* Happy two birthday wishes for one of the littlest members of the family.

* A gifted frangipani liking the warm sun

* Maybe too many lemonades trying to get a grip

* The tomatoes are coming along nicely

*A spot of softie making just for the heck of it....or some Christmas present ideas.

Can you believe another weekend has gone.......gotta love a Monday cleanup after a busy weekend.....

Have a fabulous week ahead.

Joining with with EM

Friday, November 15, 2013

Playgroup Alphabet Craft Part 3

I thought I would show you the last part of our alphabet craft we have been working on weekly at playgroup......

You can see Part 1 here

You can see Part 2 here... 

P is for Pig...

Q is for Queen...
 R is for Rainbow...
 S is for Seahorse...
T is for Tiger....
U is for Umbrella...
V is for Vase...
W is for Watermelon...
 X is for Xylophone....

Y is Yacht...

Z is for Zebra...

We had so much fun with these letters...all the families and children really looked forward in anticipation as to what the week's letter was going to be....

One of my families sent through a photo of 

Angus' Amazing Alphabet..... 

So I am job, finishing the alphabet, excited children and mums who participated....and especially Angus and his mum for letting me see all his work displayed proudly.

Joining in with Meghan  again this week. 


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