Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Thankful List

Just because what makes it into this space is the good stuff happening around us doesn't mean there isn't plenty of things that aren't so good......

I just choose to make this a happy place......I could share about the "argy bargy" between kids, the words we need to have with a teen from time to time, the stresses that plague the husband, the demands placed on us at times that weigh heavy, the cold that has hold of a little guy, the house that feels  like it is physically falling down around us........

but we all know that stuff goes on.....life ain't always grand but we can choose to put our focus somewhere that helps us get through all that stuff easier.

So onwards with sharing all the grateful/thankful list making I have been jotting down in my notebook that I carry around.

* A three egg day...all three chickens laying.

* a cooked banquet for breakfast led by the teen

*an impromptu re-fashion to clear the creative blockage.

* words that confirm a situation that seems just a co-incident but really is part of a higher plan

* a truly warm Spring Day

* the outpouring of lovely words from strangers

*the excited little guy who ran his heart out.

*discovering a love note in the little guy's bag from a secret admirer.

* the care of a small group when feeling fragile

*discovering a video of when we were new parents...just at the right moment.

*being aware of the many inspiring stories that are around us all the time.

*a husband who likes to take control in the kitchen 

* 4 eggs from 3 chickens

* lunch under the trees.

#145  a gentle word

Do you have you own list of things that keeps you focused ?
You can see my lists here


  1. Very well said Bron! I love blogging because it allows me to take a second look at the fun or exciting things happening in my life. Life is not all smiles and laughs... But it is what we make it or how our attitudes make it... Love the Rose! have a great week xx

  2. How lovely to jot down all the things in your life that you are grateful for; it can make all that other daily *stuff and nonsense* seem less significant.

  3. Yep - better to think about the good stuff.


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