Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Snippets


* Finally a flower to be proud of after all the tender loving care it has had.

*Fresh scones to take to a special birthday morning tea. 

*The perfect spot high above the city

* Under the perfectly blue sky

* Happy two birthday wishes for one of the littlest members of the family.

* A gifted frangipani liking the warm sun

* Maybe too many lemonades trying to get a grip

* The tomatoes are coming along nicely

*A spot of softie making just for the heck of it....or some Christmas present ideas.

Can you believe another weekend has gone.......gotta love a Monday cleanup after a busy weekend.....

Have a fabulous week ahead.

Joining with with EM


  1. Have said it before but I do love your garden Bron, especially the gardenia and the frangipani. And those scones look yum too xx

  2. Your scones look really good! I have tried making them and in no way did they look like yours lol

    Love your garden and the flowers are coming along very nice...

    I miss all the lovely flowers I had in California... Flowers are different here so next spring I will have to figure out what grows well and try to plant them

    Love the softie so cute the print is fun. Have a great week xxx

  3. Lovely pictures! did you make little Two his hat? Cute fabric! Well done!

  4. I love scones!! My frangipani tree is starting to flower, feels like summer is on its way

  5. I can't believe (well yes I can actually, with all the hot weather you've had!) that you've got ripe tomatoes!!
    Our plants are only just coming into flower and usually the question is 'Will they be ripe by Christmas?' Now it's will we have any at all by Christmas, hehe.......
    Love Gardenias, so worth the effort.
    Scones, them too!
    Lots of great things happening Bron.....

    Claire x


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