Friday, November 8, 2013

Things I am Loving...

The camera didn't make it out at all this week.....well except to take a pic of these cute little guys that came home from school.....


and the head shot that needed to be taken to attach to an application for an audition.....

other than that I have been busy clicking confirm on some holiday plans.....

also a lot of time spent trying to convince one little guy to "JUST PULL THAT TOOTH OUT" 

how long can a tooth just hang by a thread before it comes out????

organising a little dinner party for tomorrow night.....

scouring the house for the lost only to discover that all our cupboards really do hold a lot of stuff....most of which we really don't need!

I have been listening to these as well......

Happy weekend to you .

Joining in with Meghan freshly back from holidays 


  1. good job on the creative gumnuts F!

    Yes, we have much too much stuff in cupboards we don't need.

    Holidays? Cool! Enjoy the planning!

  2. Head shot for an audition sounds interesting ????

  3. Sounds like a fun week - hope that tooth has finally fallen out!

  4. Oh how cuuuuute are these little elf people! Love them.


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