Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursday Thankful List- On Friday

* Graciousness in the face of disappointment

* The accolades of strangers to boost the confidence

*Carpooling mums to ease the load

*Time spent with the teen

* A little guy who likes to organise his mumma

*A day with my love

* Smoothies in a jar

*A garden full of frogs

*Tomatoes from the garden in my salad

*An extra pair of hands to get things done

*The excitement building for Christmas parties next week

*  The beginnings of Christmas shopping

*Potentially 3 "double yolker" eggs this week

*Happy families

*A soaking rain in the last days of December oops November

*A break in the routine of driving kids around 

#182 Lists that are slowly being worked through

My other lists are here


  1. I always love reading your thankful list! Always a good read

  2. Nice reading but I really hope you haven't had December yet! lol an ooops???


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