Thursday, November 28, 2013

Teacher gift for Mrs Hawkins

In so many ways I am not at all prepared for Christmas....except.....

The little guy's teacher....... 

 We did it together....and now it is sitting waiting for the last day of school....which I am so glad is not for another three weeks........
(Apparently it is not cool to make gifts for high school teachers....I am sad for a teacher it was always a great time of the year for lovely gifts)

Maybe I will stop procrastinating and figure out what everyone else is getting.

Joining in with Show and Tell


  1. I love it! May I ask where you bought the frame from? x

  2. I love it! May I ask where you bought the frame from? x

  3. Oh wow..that is a fantastic and very original gift!! xxx

  4. That's awesome! Such a neat idea x

  5. Awesome! Love these crayon initials - I'm sure the teacher will too!

  6. Looks terrific! Well done to you & F.

  7. What a gorgeous idea Bron, you are both so clever! I reckon Mrs Hawkins will love it too xx

  8. What a great idea! I love it... That would even make a great gift for a newly wedded couple! Very cute


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