Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday List

* Watching the exact moment the sun sets.

*The changes seen in a friends family.

* Hope realized.

*The surprise you find in the chicken coup each new morning.

* Last words as the little guy gets out of the car..."You have a great day mum"

* Grandmas and great grandmas playing with play dough along side of grandchildren.

*the innocence of a younger brother.

*a few dollars at the fair  = great fun.

*the chorus of little birds in the garden when the house is so quiet.

* an abundance of lunch shared with family 

* dedication of the man of the house to make delicious food for his family.

* the local library overflowing with free resources.

* spectacular lightening on a hot humid day.

*hair cut day in a brand new salon

* a hammock for lazy summer days.

* finding enough soft foods for  a delicate mouth.

* A day spent with a friend searching out bargains.

* the holiday plans set in concrete.

* sharing the gift of ice cream with those who love it.

#165 the outpouring of a community to help those in need.

I have been counting the gifts ....things I am thankful for...

Joining in with Tash @ Little Bit of Thyme  and her thankful lists.


  1. oh that's a nice list.
    scary going to a new salon & cutter! Were you pleased?

    can't wait till we have our chickens!

    Libraries rock!

    Bring on holidays!

  2. Great list and great to see you're still finding the happy xx

  3. Hey Bron there's always lots to be thankful for when you take the time to consider, isn't there?

    Sitting here thinking about what we have in this country to be thankful for let alone the day to day things.....we are very blessed.

    Claire x

  4. Might have to join in with this link up, your lists are really inspiring. And the photos are too xx

  5. What a beautiful list- I find it so inspiring when people take stock of the big and little things that matter. Xx

  6. awesome list Bron, and thanks for joining in! I love the last words I say to my kids when they hop out of the car in the morning!



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