Monday, March 30, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 13

#82 Too Much fun was had while we did a little babysitting...poor Uncle

#83 A Treasure  hidden away in our garden that is going to get a makeover.

#84 Half ....coconuts are so much nicer to look at than consume.

#85 Something White...a lone daisy in our garden

#86 I love my girl's hair...

#87 .....which she decided to Give away....

#88 ZEN ....girlfriend hang out time....

My photo a day project

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beautiful Lengths

It didn't take her long ...
to make the decision to loose her locks...

She decided on Monday and by Friday they were gone...

Just a minimum of  20 cm was what she needed { a little extra is what they will get} donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths project...

She loves it and is so pleased that she can send off her locks to potentially help someone who needs some....

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Him: After a morning of working outside with me ...he is in his happy place....connecting with his little buddies on line.

Her : Chopped...and sending it off for a good cause.

My 52 weeks project

Joining in with Jodi's project

Monday, March 23, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 12

#75 Admiring our city at night after the dance class

#76 Pursuing the teen's hobby....sadly this is as close as I can get to a photo at the moment.

#77 While visiting the theatre, I enjoyed reading the text on these vintage poster boards

#78 Enjoyed a very private day at the day spa with my sister...

#79 If our boy isn't playing technology he is designing these  hand drawn plans....

#80 It won't be long before the mulberry tree loses all it's leaves.

#81 My attempt at a "sunflare" photo

My photo a day project

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thankful List- 10th birthday list

* The pure joy on the face of a boy who now loves being 10

* A class birthday hat to wear all day at school

* Impromptu afternoon tea with cousins

* Sneaky surprises

* The reaction to a big boy present

* Birthday phone calls to answer and e-cards to open

* Indulging the birthday boy in his choice of dinner....and the power that they love that comes with the choice.

* Brand new released movies in time for a birthday outing

* The happiness with "mum packed treats" to take to the movie

* Cheap movie tickets that allowed us to take all his mates

* The fun of a "nerf gun" war that invaded a fair bit of our street

* The simplest of cakes, perfect for an ice cream lover.

* Not being too teary that our baby is now 10

#1048  A little relieved that birthday season is over for our three....for another year.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Him: It's birthday week...double digits -10!

Her: Working  it for the camera.

My 52 weeks project

Joining in with Jodi's Project

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A heavy heart this week

  After sharing last week a day in my life at work......I have looked at those photos during the last week and they will always remind me of the beauty in my day. The families I get to hang out with , the little ones that thrive in our play environment.

I love seeing new relationships form between families.... I love the relationships that I make with the families that attend each week.....     

But this week ..sadness is on my mind.....
One of those beautiful families who was coming along last year,  has had their world rocked.......
Little Rayaan was diagnosed suddenly with a rare lung disease just before we returned for the start of the playgroup year.....over the last 6 weeks he has fought a tough little he lost last weekend...just 14 months old and the only child to his lovely parents.......

No words will bring comfort right now....others are holding their little ones closer.....  

We are blessed to have met the little guy.....     

Monday, March 16, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 11

#68 Make ...homemade sausage rolls for a quick lunch

#69 Floral...the frangipani are the star in the garden at the moment

#70 Happy Place...Fraser found a stash of nerf guns while we were visiting friends....

#71 Detail...using these details to try and work out it's history and maybe an owner

#72 Colour...the colour found inside this treasure are so beautiful.

#73 Favourite...this little corner is a favourite in my home..

#74 Small...some letters to my mum dated  as early as 1966 are winging their way to Wales ..back to the author...her writing is so "unreadably" small

My photo a day project


Him: A late evening balmy swim....thrown in fully clothed!

Her: Amazing the things she learns from sneaking those few minutes before heading off to school.

My 52 weeks project

Joining in with Jodi's project

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Thankful List

I made it on a Thursday!

* Dad and daughter rock concert dates

* Mum and son time to hang as two

* Photos....precious memories and reminders

* Special afternoon tea birthday treats

*  The kindness of friends....   words left here in this space

* Baby cuddles

* Saturday sleep ins

* Small group meetings that are encouraging

* The quite hour before anyone else rises

* The gentle musical alarm noise that allows me to sleep quite a few minutes more!

* The talk of a holiday

* Speaking up for what really matters

* Hearing the sounds drifting out of the studio again

* Birthday party planning...and having too many friends to invite

* My camera and what it allows me to capture

* Spa appointment booked

#1034  Massage had and relief gained

Counting my way past 1000 gifts given to me

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on Ten - March 2015

Ten photos over the tenth day of the month...

This month I wanted to document a day at work for me...

So I handed over the camera to my sister and fellow team member...and this is what she saw..... 

I am not sure about so many pics of me...but I am glad I did it....a record of how lovely my mornings are spent right now....

{I am the Children's Pastor at my church and past of my role is running playgroup three times a week}

Joining in with Rebekah and her Ten on Ten Project

Monday, March 9, 2015


This is us today..........together...celebrating....a birthday...19 years .......

Just one thing missing.....

The birthday girl.....

We carved out a little bit of time in the day where we could all be laugh a little....
For today we celebrate our big girl and her 19th birthday...celebrate the milestone of becoming parents 19 years ago.....

We are smiling in these happy snaps.....but the heart is aching....
It doesn't get any easier with each year that passes...
except for the promise that it is one more year closer to being all back together one day.

There are lots of moments during these days ....moments that I wonder what she would be doing...where she would she would be with her brother and sister.....what our relationship would be like.....

and that's all it is wonder......
that wonder will keep us going......


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 10

# 61 These guys are a Part of Me.....

#62  I found these open on the bench...

#63 Geometric fun that was spared the collection for the garage sale....

#64 The view out of my window...loving how clean they really are.

#65 My Remedy for the pounding headache I had for a couple of days....

#66 My boy can't get enough of this sweet stuff...

#67 Our planting out of our veggie garden this weekend sees these young things that I hold high hopes for...

My photo a day project.


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