Monday, March 16, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 11

#68 Make ...homemade sausage rolls for a quick lunch

#69 Floral...the frangipani are the star in the garden at the moment

#70 Happy Place...Fraser found a stash of nerf guns while we were visiting friends....

#71 Detail...using these details to try and work out it's history and maybe an owner

#72 Colour...the colour found inside this treasure are so beautiful.

#73 Favourite...this little corner is a favourite in my home..

#74 Small...some letters to my mum dated  as early as 1966 are winging their way to Wales ..back to the author...her writing is so "unreadably" small

My photo a day project


  1. wow, who is Alice I wonder. What an intriguing note. Hope you can identify all...
    ahhh... the original scrap book with scrap pictures. They are so pretty.

  2. Beautiful photos this week! I love old notes and letters. They're usually fascinating reads if you can actually read them!

  3. SOoooo cool! I love finding historic items. What is on the other side? It kind of looks like a picture frame with writing on the back. I found a family photo album once at a flee market filled with pictures of one family from the 1800's, I wanted to purchase it but it was to pricey.You will have to share with us what you find out! I love a good story. I love your favorite corner! is that book behind Meg's pic one of the kids favorite? I love children's books so fun to read to small ones. Mmmm I think your sausage rolls look so yummy I can smell them from here lol. Fraser, he looks like such a fun little man! Nerf ball is a fun pastime xxx


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