Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Thankful List

I made it on a Thursday!

* Dad and daughter rock concert dates

* Mum and son time to hang as two

* Photos....precious memories and reminders

* Special afternoon tea birthday treats

*  The kindness of friends....   words left here in this space

* Baby cuddles

* Saturday sleep ins

* Small group meetings that are encouraging

* The quite hour before anyone else rises

* The gentle musical alarm noise that allows me to sleep quite a few minutes more!

* The talk of a holiday

* Speaking up for what really matters

* Hearing the sounds drifting out of the studio again

* Birthday party planning...and having too many friends to invite

* My camera and what it allows me to capture

* Spa appointment booked

#1034  Massage had and relief gained

Counting my way past 1000 gifts given to me


  1. Dearest Bron, I heard a song called 'open fields of grace' on the radio + it made me think of your precious Taylor. X

  2. OH what a great & comprehensive list. Birthday treats & afternoon tea sounds lovely! Hugs...

  3. Aw, Daddy and daughter, mum and son, baby cuddles all really great things. A massage to cap it all off sounds like the making for a great week! xxx

  4. The talk of a holiday sounds great! As do the massages, baby cuddles and the time spent with the kids. Sounds like a good week Bron xxx


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