Thursday, March 19, 2015

A heavy heart this week

  After sharing last week a day in my life at work......I have looked at those photos during the last week and they will always remind me of the beauty in my day. The families I get to hang out with , the little ones that thrive in our play environment.

I love seeing new relationships form between families.... I love the relationships that I make with the families that attend each week.....     

But this week ..sadness is on my mind.....
One of those beautiful families who was coming along last year,  has had their world rocked.......
Little Rayaan was diagnosed suddenly with a rare lung disease just before we returned for the start of the playgroup year.....over the last 6 weeks he has fought a tough little he lost last weekend...just 14 months old and the only child to his lovely parents.......

No words will bring comfort right now....others are holding their little ones closer.....  

We are blessed to have met the little guy.....     


  1. Oh no Bron I am so sorry I hope that Rayaan's parents have much love and support around them to get through this horrific time in their lives. How so very sad. He looks like he was such a sweet little one. Hugs to you. Take care. xxxx

  2. This breaks my heart. I'm so sorry for the family and all who know them. I will be praying for them and for you too, Bron. God bless.

  3. Just so sad. Prayers + thoughts xxxx

  4. Oh no ... how tragic ... so, so sad.

  5. So devastating, so devestating xxxx no doubt stirs up your loss too xxx

  6. So very sad for this family and everyone associated with them. Heartbreaking and knowing you have experienced that loss makes it all the more difficult. Thoughts and prayers for their family. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. Such sad news. Wishing you hugs & comfort for the loss of a little boy you knew...

  8. This makes my heart hurt! They are in my heart and prayers xx


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