Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beautiful Lengths

It didn't take her long ...
to make the decision to loose her locks...

She decided on Monday and by Friday they were gone...

Just a minimum of  20 cm was what she needed { a little extra is what they will get} donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths project...

She loves it and is so pleased that she can send off her locks to potentially help someone who needs some....


  1. Beautiful gesture by your beautiful daughter x

  2. Aw! That was so sweet of her to share with others that are in need of hair... My daughter was a recipient of such generosity from others and it was much appreciated. You have a special little woman there xxx

  3. Lovely! Looks great shorter. She will feel like a new person! What a great gift.

  4. I have a friend that's done that several times over the years ... a lovely way to do something special for someone.

  5. What a great girl! I did this a couple of years ago too - it's such a wonderful gift to be able to give :)


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