Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thankful List- 10th birthday list

* The pure joy on the face of a boy who now loves being 10

* A class birthday hat to wear all day at school

* Impromptu afternoon tea with cousins

* Sneaky surprises

* The reaction to a big boy present

* Birthday phone calls to answer and e-cards to open

* Indulging the birthday boy in his choice of dinner....and the power that they love that comes with the choice.

* Brand new released movies in time for a birthday outing

* The happiness with "mum packed treats" to take to the movie

* Cheap movie tickets that allowed us to take all his mates

* The fun of a "nerf gun" war that invaded a fair bit of our street

* The simplest of cakes, perfect for an ice cream lover.

* Not being too teary that our baby is now 10

#1048  A little relieved that birthday season is over for our three....for another year.


  1. What a terrific sounding day. Congratulations to mum & dad on the little guys 10th!


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