Monday, March 2, 2015

Photo a Day -Week 9

 #54 Teddy is next on the fix it list....

#55  12 O'clock....nearly lunchtime

#56 A long awaited job I can see my reflection...don't ask how many years it has been...

#57  Our first pumpkin to grow in our own garden...

#58 Homework done on the train commute....still life analysis for art.

#59 A beautiful thank you from a sweet young lady...

#60 Something beginning with "R".... something sweet in our garden..

My attempts at the Photo a Day here


  1. nice set of pics. You are doing a good job of these...

  2. Good on you for doing a photo a day- a great way to remember a year i think.
    That teddy looks so well loved!
    Congratulations on your first pumpkin -it looks amazing.
    A very sweet note from Kelly- I bet that made your day :)

  3. What a sweet little note and so perfect for the prompt. I really enjoy your interpretation of the prompts and look forward to your post every week :)

  4. Congrats on the pumpkin, it looks fantastic! And love the art homework on the train, and that beautifully loved teddy. PS: could you pop over here and clean my windows please Bron? My window washer seems to have gone AWOL! Have a great week xx

  5. Wow! Nice Pumpkin... I love little people love notes so cute. You have lots of pretty color in your yard, I am looking at my trees right now and they are still asleep for winter. I can hardly wait for spring to watch my apple trees bloom! Looking forward to the return of the horses Have a great day!


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