Friday, March 6, 2015


March.....half way through the first term of the school year...

Life has been full...we are slowly easing into and feeling some-what comfortable with the new routines

So many things seem to be in a state of change...evolving , looming, moving in on our life...

The creeping closer to a total change for the Mr of our that is welcomed yet at the same time a huge unknown.

Our teen has had her world enlarged....
Opportunities that are fueling her passions.....ones that see us on the road {or train } much more than ever beofre.
With it, bringing growth, new friendships, new skills and  learning new ways to look after herself.

 Some of the changes, we choose for ourselves.....some we inherit because of someone else.....this would be our nearly ten year old.....I believe though that he will learn to love the adventure of change as we go.....he too is trying to widen his boundaries in the small ways he knows how.

I find myself fiercly holding on to some things....or letting my emotions run wild as I grab tight
Am I ready for all these changes.....everything in me wants to resist.....but I know in my head that change is OK....

I am trying to combat the toll that change has on me ....trying to have the space to breathe, to share with friends, spend time with my sisters, to be organised, to let go of those things that aren't important

Not always suceeding but a few weeks in, my score sheet has more ticks than crosses.

Change is good.....that is the mantra around these parts....even change that we don't necessarily have any control over.....some would say that is the best kind...invigorating, challenging, stretching, oportunity for breathing new life into our world....

We are in birthday season around of our children has had hers...two more in the week to come....maybe that is part of the cause for my resistance.....seeing my babies grow....and for one of them wondering what changes life would have had in store for her....had she still been here....

Someone turned up the volume or is that the speed on my little self recently.... 

How do you do change?


  1. more ticks than crosses - that's the encouragement I'm holding onto from this post. Change and growth and remembrances - lovely, sad, stretching - may you discover new muscles in the process xxx

  2. Hi Bron
    Change is something we can fight or embrace and to embrace it is a learnt art. Glad your managing to embrace it more often than not these days. Will be thinking of you Monday.

  3. Bron, change is good (but hard). Change is essential for growth. And you ARE strong, dealing with childhood cancer will make you strong. My heart aches for your 'what could have been'? So, so difficult. Sending you my prayers. x beautiful pics

  4. I hear you Bron. There are some big changes on our horizon and I am hanging on tight to every little moment and randomly bursting into tears! Overall it's exciting. It's our choice. These babes of ours are growing too fast.... bitter sweet is change.

  5. Lots of changes going on in your life right now... It's crazy what gets thrown at us sometimes. Change is a constant ebb and flow of this wonderful thing we call life. Someone once told me that trials and change are just like school... Well I say let school be out! lol Just kidding. But seriously I just want you to know that I am always thinking of you and your sweet family wishing the best of everything to come your way. Change is good but the process as you know is difficult. Keep your chin up and do what Dory says... Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming xxxx :-)

  6. Good luck... Change is hard, change is a challenge. Slowly but surely you sound like you are getting there....

    Hugs to you all for Monday.


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