Friday, June 3, 2011

Cars 2 The Movie

Due to the makeup of our family...a 12year old and a 6 year old it is really difficult to go to the movies as a family....finding something that suits everyone and is suitable for all.

The Cars movie is one of those movies that was a winner for the littlest through to the biggest person in our family...we have it on DVD and I think it is worn through.
So to have the Cars 2 Movie now about to be out is exciting. A movie that we will all be able to go and see and all enjoy most importantly..
Thanks Disney /Pixar for another great family watch that we won't mind seeing over and over.
Check out this trailer......


  1. We are all looking forward to Cars 2 in our house as well. It is release the week after Zac's birthday and Louis' Mum is coming up 2 weekends in a row so she can come with us


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