Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home Improvements

Let me start by saying we have been in our home for 12 1/2 years.....
we have painted and done many improvements over the years as money ,time and resources allowed us.
This was my laundry on Monday morning......

Monday being my darling husbands day off we had a coffee at the Dome to start the day and as a result of that coffee, by 7.30pm this was my laundry.....

We decided, measured ,shopped, bought, carted home, built and installed my our new laundry....

Why oh why did it take us so long and how have I managed with little to no storage in their all these years?

It really wasn't that hard and didn't even really break the bank either!!!!
I love it and my clever husband is such a darling at being talked into spending his rostered day off completing one of my a crazy requests....
Now just to get on and do that pile of ironing that is spoiling the view.


  1. oh my goodness!! lovely laundry. bet it's a pleasure ironing in there now. good for you.


  2. This look great. Well done Derek. Can't wait to see it on the weekend... Merran xx

  3. Woohoo and 3 cheers for studly husbands! It looks great! Xx

  4. Looks great..when does he start on your kitchen? Lol

  5. WOW, wish my laundry looked like that!!! fabulous!!

  6. Looks so much more brighter and happier :)
    Great job Derek!!
    So what's next on the list of house jobs?

  7. Wow...what a lovely transformation. Laundry will be so much more fun now.
    xo jana

  8. Wow that's awesome! :) I am lucky to have a Bassett boy who's fab with DIY and renovations and basically anything he puts his hand to!! Yay for awesome hubbies xx

  9. So Hubby must definitely be in the good books at this house! New curtains... new laundry.. Looks fab... now all that's left is for him to do the washing :)Melxx PS lets not say I suggested that!


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