Friday, June 24, 2011

Under the weather

Overnight  I have joined all the other 
"mummies up during the night with sick children and now have a pile of washing to dry with a storm on the way and no clothes dryer".

Oh well at least we get to spend the day home together which has been much wanted by the little guy all week....he just didn't think it would be because he is feeling so ill!


  1. Yep me too and I am exhausted!! Tayla was up 7 times vomiting! Blah! And today we had a rent inspection so I was running around trying to air the house up and do washing ready for the real estate agent...all done now and Tayla is recovering infront of the tv.

  2. ohh, feel better soon!
    no good when mamma bear isn't well.
    hugs ♥

    p.s no dryer sucks!

  3. Hope he's feeling better soon, he looked very sad this afternoon. Sleep well

  4. Oh sending you some good sleep and get better wishes your way!


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