Friday, June 3, 2011

Lovely treat


What are these?
 The price of bananas for the last 6 months has meant that this banana loving family has gone without......that is until tonight!
A lovely friend picked up two bunches at a bargain price today and thought of a conversation we had had about missing one bunch for her family and one bunch for mine.

Now to decide how best to devour them....
Icecream and chocolate sauce?
With a bowl of yogurt?
In banana bread or muffins?
Just peeled and eaten all by itself?


  1. in our house we have resorted to buying banana bread packet mixes to bake because bananas are so expensive!
    i would just peel and eat :)

  2. They are like gold at the moment in Australia, aren't they? Our family is craving bananas too..when we finally buy some they will be a real treat. I think I would eat some 'au naturel' and make banana bread from some..or banana custard..or..what a dilemna!

  3. I'm afraid we just can't go without bananas; even if we can only afford a couple a week vs a couple of bunches.

    I bet these are all gone now?!


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