Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Does the middle day of the middle month mean that it is half way through the year????

Well it may well be but it also means that my hubbie / their dad is having a birthday today.
Although it was a work day for him we still  celebrated with gifts and food .

We are lucky to have such a multi- talented, clever, strong, wise , handsome and one in a million guy looking after us as a family......
He also is the biggest kid when it comes to gifts......
this year we bought him a pasta maker!!!

So it was a family affair to get dinner on the table tonight......
("my turn")

("no my turn")

("once more for my turn")
Lucky it needed to go through so many times so everyone had a turn!

The kids had it down pat by the end and we had enough spaghetti to feed an entire nation......

but boy it did taste good.....

I may like to bake goodies....but this guy is the master of the real stuff that needs to go on the table......I love that he is so determined to get things right and make it taste just superb.


  1. happy birthday mister bron. yum hand made pasta, we love it in our house. my mr 10 is a pasta expert. i have pasta maker envy looking at that lovely red number.

  2. OOOh Happy birthday to your hubby!
    And yummy to that delicious looking spag! We had the same meal tonight but ours was so very processed :(
    I'm getting me one of them!
    xx Stacey

  3. Oh my! I LOVE that red pasta machine!!!
    I've got an old old one I picked up from the op shop for $10 many years ago.... Once you make your own pasta you never buy the stuff again - it just doesn't compare!

    Have fun and Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Happy birthday Derek. Hope you had a great day the pasta looks amazing, I always thought Jammie Oliver just made it look so so easy but was sure if I ever tried it would end in disaster but looks like you did a great job.

  5. Blokes just love gadgets and new toys don't they! Happy birthday to your looked like a night where you all had heaps of fun.

  6. Happy Birthday! What an awesome present. If only I had a chef of a husband to make me home made pasta too :) yum yummo!

  7. Happy Birthday Derek! I remember celebrating your 30th with you!


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