Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Measuring Time

Another task I managed yesterday was to clean out half...yes only half of my kitchen cupboards.....
Right in the back I found this beauty...
It was my mum's kitchen scales.
As soon as I pulled it out the memories of mum in the kitchen baking for us continually came  flooding back.
The measurements are all in pounds - which is great when I cook from her ancient CWA cookbook.
Something else you don't see very often is - Made in the Republic of Ireland.
I wonder how much it cost mum when she bought it or maybe it was a wedding gift.

It is in really good condition so I shall leave it out and find a suitable place to display it in my kitchen to be a reminder that baking for my family is something I learnt from my mum.


  1. Hello Taylor. I hope it's ok that I always start every visit to this space with a little thought to you.
    And I LOVE those scales. What a great find. Funny how they've lasted all this time while my red ones are on their way out after abot three years.

  2. Oh what a treasure! I love how things/songs/smells can bring memories just flooding back like that... awesome!

  3. Bron,
    I have some fond memories of your Mum...
    She was a true lady.


  4. Hi Bron..it's lovely to rediscover something that brings back good memories. Are you going to use them..and convert all your recipes to pounds and ounces?..lol.


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