Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Liked

Thanks to Nuffnang and some free tickets they gave us, we took the kids to see Cars 2 on Monday night.
 We did  break all of our own rules and went out on a school night but the excitement level and nag factor from our 6 year old got through to us.

It was a great movie with something for all of us....quite a different story line than the first. This one takes you around the world following the World Grand Prix.  There is a lot of James Bond touches to the plot also.
As usual with Disney/ Pixar productions they also had a great sound track.

I think it will be a definite DVD purchase when released.

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  1. Hi - you've won one of my 'tweedie' egg cosies! Can you get in touch (there's an e-mail link on my blog) with your address details :)
    Many thanks!


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