Monday, June 6, 2011

An extra day off.

We had an extra day to our weekend and there was plenty of silliness to be had......

(this wheelie thing spins around! need I say anymore!)

and then it was time to hit some serious jobs around the house....
well as serious as two kids and a wheelbarrow get!

We were all enlisted to get the garden in shape before winter is really upon us...

I'd like to say we are all refreshed and ready for the week ahead......but.....
some of us are just plain tired and nursing sore muscles!!!!
 But look at some of what we achieved!


  1. thats a big pile of achievement you have there. i am amazed at those t shirt clad kids. it is 9° here with snow down to 500metres. BRRRR

  2. Were you all practising your planking in the first picture? lol.
    You've been very industrious indeed.

  3. I love a good pile of leaves - there's been lots of rake and wheelbarrow action around our place lately too. My kids love those spinny things - we have them in a couple of local parks and I love the way they bring together kids of all ages. I'd love to know what they're called!


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