Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Creative Space

This week's creative space is a carry on from last week......purses......
This week I dug out Pip's book and used the 
Cute-as-a-button-vintage  clutch pattern

Firstly I trialled it on some up cycled fabric from my stash just to make sure I got it right....

After being very happy with the turn out I cut some more of my ribbon rose material....

I have some more cut out and ready to go just as soon as I can get back into my space.

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  1. I have Pip's book too! I haven't tried out this pattern yet though. I love how you've experimented with different fabrics and textures.

  2. Your purses are beautiful Bron and so handy for when you don't want to carry a huge handbag :)


  3. oohhh.I recognise that fabric...wasn't that your doona cover? ;) We had the same one.
    Great purses Bron!

  4. Really nice! I especially love that pink one you have in the making. :)

  5. I LOVE this bag pattern! I've made it so many times i can't even keep track. But i love what you've done with the fabrics, give it a completely different look.


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