Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clearing the head

We took a few minutes out of the house today to clear the head......well mine anyway....
It was a wet and windy day today so it was nice to head to the beach and watch the waves.....
we did hunt a cache while there too!

(it was cold - The little guy just doesn't get it!)

We stood and watched the rain coming in fast....

There were a few distractions from the weather watching....

Then it was back to the shelter of the car and home again to continue what had begun!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are.


  1. nothing beats a cold wind to clear the cob webs..

  2. Ahhh looks lovely!! I love the beach any time of the year...and any weather!

    Can I ask what the heck that creature is ... next to the red shoe???? Man you guys have some weird looking creatures in Aus!! ((and most of them are dangerous too!!!)) :) So anyone who survives over there has my admiration!! ;) hahaha.
    Love lots from this Bassett xx

  3. It has been the perfect weekend! Love your beach pics - it is always lovely their in winter.

  4. Looks like a flay bob tail?? ewwww....

    We are having lovely weather down here :) Haven't had winter yet, although I did just rearrange our house so we can access the gas bayonett for when we get/need a heater. I will post about that tomorrow when I take some photos :)


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