Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday again

There is a hive of industry around here at the moment....cooler weather without the rain allows much motivation to get some of those jobs we have been putting off.
So amongst some new down pipes being fitted outside...I now have these.......

My Kitchen window hasn't had any treatments on there for a long time...hubbie likes the unobstructed views through to the vegies and chickens...
But after persuading him to hang these  at the other end of the room a few months back today he agreed to hang my newly made curtains for the kitchen.

They are eclectic and unmatching...just the way I expected them to look...

and thankfully now they are up I am not the only one that agrees they look pretty neat.


  1. Hi Bron..they look lovely, I love the vintage character of those georgeous doilies!

  2. ooh aren't they perfect!! they look great Bron and go nicely with your other ones too :)


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