Monday, May 2, 2011

Moments in Time...

I don't know if has been all the royal wedding talk going on or the pestering from the daughter to see "my dress" or even the continual desire to try and declutter corners of our home, that brought about climbing up to my top wardrobe shelf and hauling down a large box.

Inside revealed five very carefully wrapped and stored dresses that tell a story ofdifferent  times in my life.....

This one was my Year Twelve Ball Gown.(accompanied by my hubbie of now nearly 23 years)...this was before the days of planning all year and spending a -  my mum made my dress and it was adorned with synthetic flowers
So began my brush with Taffeta...

My Bridesmaids dresses at our wedding ....
not sure why I have one of the three that were made again by mum.
Pink taffeta...big puffy sleeves- my sisters just adored me for this!!! 
My Wedding Dress.
Handmade by a dressmaker friend that charged me a whole $50. The material (taffeta)and lace , beads and buttons cost me $300.
This was fitting for the 3rd year Uni student budget I was on .

I felt right at home in my own fairytale.....

My Sister in laws wedding.
I was Bridesmaid 

My own sisters wedding.
She decided on a two piece suit...really lovely to wear although the plan of being able to wear it again never really did happen.
Mum also made this one. It is a very pale blue silk taffeta.
We had a laugh as they came out of the box...mainly at my expense that there was no way any of them were going to fit on me now..was I really that tiny waisted ever????.
My ball dress was not a bad fit for my 12 year old...thinking we might keep that one for a revamped ball dress sometime in the next few years!
What to do with the rest...I just spoke with one of my sisters and she was sad about my plan to donate them to the Goodwill store.....maybe they just need to be repacked and stored away until the decluttering attack strikes again.


  1. I'm siding with your sister..they are timewarp material now..why not keep them for the next generation to be amazed at! They have been stored so well so far.

  2. I only have my wedding dress, no year 12 balls in th UK. I try my wedding dress in at least once a year and it still fits but I am only at 16 years!
    I'm sure they all looked gorgeous in their day.

  3. Bron I think these are lovely heirloom pieces...I know I would have cherished any such pieces.

  4. Awwww thats great that you've kept them.....keep them I say...youll have a good laugh when one day your grandchildren look at them!!

  5. De cluttering is my best friend, but even I say you should keep these. What a special piece of history! Xx

  6. I have sentimental attachment to clothes from my past.I have given lots to my daughters who chop them up(read take them in alot).Its nice seeing them have a second lease of life.I have to say sometimes it takes my breath away thou when I see I treasure pinned to the max and dragged around.
    But I sometimes wonder as I store stuff. what is it for? and it may as well be used. And how long do I need to keep it for and can I let it go??? would I?could I ?when?
    My old bridesmaid dresses I have chopped up for dress ups for me..turned them into old fashioned ball gowns and layered petticoats underneath for parties and events.Fun!!
    I have kept my grandmothers dress and peacock blue suit and outfit.I lent it to my eldest and was horrified when she pinned it and dumped it in the machine one day.So I swiped that back..but I am slowly letting go of all is quite hard at times thou...good luck with your decision.:-)


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