Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Creative Space

With Blogger being down most of the week I thought I may have missed joining in the weekly "My Creative Space"....

This week was all about a post Mothers Day theme for playgroup...Playgroup only went back this week so we did catch up for the mums....
Using these two great tutorials here and here for  inspiration we made mum a fabric brooch........

I used hot glue before the morning to attach the brooch pins then they went ahead and chose their own fabric pieced design.


  1. That's a great activity for the kids! This week was a bit of a shamble blog wise wasn't it.

  2. What a great idea, lucky mums!

  3. You just reminded me i need to replace my hot glue gun, brooches are just the most lovely detail, love Posie

  4. So glad Blogger is up and running now :) And Wow, what an adorable craft! XOL

  5. Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and leaving some love. I love the little brooches that you have made, so cute. I think that is something Emma and I can do one day.

    God Bless
    Leannen :-)

  6. Cute idea Bron, they look good too.


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