Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pitter Patter

A new 
niece and nephew?
niece and niece?
Nephew and nephew?
We will have the pitter patter of two sets of little feet by the end of the year in our extended family......
So very exciting...
Now I am pretty sure we will not be told what the colour of those little feet will be so I must get to work soon.
I have already a blue variety of quilt done and waiting for the perfect recipient...I will now need to have on hand a pink variety and just in case  they are both the same will have to get to work on double of both!


Just the  labour of love this non-quilter is up for!

edited: I should have pointed out that the babies are coming from two different siblings....although the thought of twins would be fun!


  1. Very exciting news! At least even if they are the same sex they don't have to be exactly the same..and you will have one spare for the next little one that comes along of the opposite gender.

  2. Congratulations, yay for being an auntie to twins later in the year. Such wonderful news. I vote for twin girls, they rock my world. What a super lovely surprise, love Posie

  3. oh my goodness! the suspense!! hope your weekend is a good one Bron.


  4. Lovely quilts! Thanks for stopping by my blog - much appreciated :D (Have finished the felt 'blobby' pencil case!)

  5. Looks lovely Bronwyn.
    I can't wait to go baby shopping now I know what colour feet Sophie has ;)

  6. Yayyy...congratulations!! I love being an Aunty!! All the best! And let us know what "flavour" you get! ;)

  7. Such exciting news!! I love when new additions join our family and I love to make for new bubs.


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