Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What have I done?

I have done something for the first time in my life and also it is something I said I would never probably do......

I have been thinking on the idea of it for a month or so.....the thought of a gym scared me for some reason...not rational I know but none the less a fear.
I began to think about the need to gain strength and tone......weight loss would be an added bonus but not overly a motivator.
I got up the courage to head to a gym close by ( a good thing if I am going to go regularly), it is a woman's only which really appealed to me , it also has a set circuit workout that takes just 30 it was ticking all the boxes if I was going to think about it.

Next up was to go and purchase some gym wear...nope I didn't even have an old tracksuit lurking in the drawers....
Last week I read this very funny post which inspired me in my search for the perfect outfit!

They took my blood pressure at my initial session and mentioned it was up a little...that was because I had walked through the doors I explained.
Well I have joined and I have been three times already....and yes  am a little stiff and sore today.

I have a very self motivated hubbie about to compete in his ninth  1/2 Ironman this weekend and so the timing is right for me to lift my game and be inspired by him to make my run into the next part of my life a little healthier.


  1. Good for you Bron!!!!

    I have been a gym member off and on over the years and once I get into it enjoy going and love the high you get after a great workout.

    Happy training.

  2. Well done..I am not a gym member but my boys are and look fab for it!

  3. I am about to take the plunge again too..I seriously need it.I loved it last time so am hoping I will as enthusiastic this time round..good for you!!!!
    p.s I loved singapore...fishball soup mmmmm.The food was so yum.Coming from down south NZ but having lived in the tropics I completely love HEAT!!
    Sadly Winter is here already it feels like.

  4. you will be hooked before you know it. enjoy


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