Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Creative Space

I am embarrassed to say that the lovely Michelle kindly sent me a pattern for an art smock way back is now Week Two ,Term Two and I have just completed the art smock for Fraser....
He has only ruined both school shirts with paint {sigh}
I don't know if it is a boy thing or just my boy but he was a little unimpressed with my efforts. which made taking his photo near on impossible....It is very practical and hopefully will save any future uniform shirts.

Check out the new home of Our Creative Space here.


  1. Very practical..great covering the back too. Having four boys I know what messes they can get themselves into!

  2. Yes but it works! I need one of those for my lounge! Thanks for leaving a comment about my 5 year old self. Out off all the comments I loved yours the most. It got me thinking...

  3. You did put in quite a bit of effort! Hope he comes around to it :)
    At the school where I used to teach I used to suggest to the parents that the kids wear one of their dad's old shirts (some mums made an elastic cuff for them). They worked pretty well :)

  4. well done bron. better late than never. the way this year is flying by it's taking us all by surprise


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