Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend snippets

Our weekend.....

:: Our first Saturday without soccer...cause for the works for breakfast.

:: Lemons in from the tree

:: Some pavlova making and then failed lemon curd making.

::  A small intimate dinner party to prepare for.

:: A much overdue time spent in good company

:: Freshly mowed lawns

:: Our super fast growing beans help along by the torrential rains one day and the sunshine   the next.

::Oh the flip side to entertaining without a dishwasher........

A satisfying weekend with a balance of busy moments and slow relaxed ones....

Ready for the new week?    Well perhaps another day or two would be nice.

Happy New Week to you .

Joining in with Em




  1. Beautiful table! and your garden is growing very well! Have a great week

  2. looks like the dinner party would have been lovely!
    (popping over from the Beetle Shack link up)

  3. Oh that table setting looks divine! Popping over from The Beetle Shack, wishing you a wonderful week x

  4. Love the mason jars! Big love from WA too :) (via The Beetle Shack)

  5. your breakfast with the works looks delicious- a Saturday without soccer- definitely cause for celebration. SAturday cricket has started in our house :)

  6. Awww looks so yummy..!! Hey I haven't forgotten about you either, I am going to sit down and write you a card/letter this weekend!! :) Had lots on lately! :) xxx

  7. I feel like I haven't read you blog for ages Bron, so much to catch up on. Love your lists and these photos are lovely too. Woo hoo! First soccer free Saturday! We had ours today although there's a little soccer carnival still to go in the next week or so. Enjoy your beautiful weeks xx


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