Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More taking notice...

# the hug from an appreciative friend

# Finally a smile from a shy little one

# Shiny sun at just the right times

# an eclectic group of friends enjoying each others company at the coffee shop

# pumpkin soup aroma filling the kitchen 

# being woken in the middle of the night by the smell of bread in the making

# the chickens eagerness to see what scraps are coming their way

# some encouraging words that go a little deeper with a stranger

# surprising the teacher with a chocolate bar

# maths lessons taught with that chocolate bar

# the singing that accompanies the dreaded chore of dishes

# signs that a grandpa has dropped by while we were  not home

#  clean bench tops and counters ...for a little while anyway

# 88 shoe boxes filled and ready to head to those in need

#55... yummy homemade goodness for morning tea

These are the latest things in my world I am many things I let go unnoticed but still trying to  practice seeing the gifts....


  1. Still going strong Bron - well done you x

  2. I love this book. I started trying to take more notice and to be thankful for the small things a few years ago when I stated reading it. I started with lists and add to it occasionally, but now take a thankful photo a day and put it on Photo365 on my phone. It has made me more content in life and it is great looking back through the photos and seeing so many blessings I previously overlooked. Cx


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